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Bhutan: Enter The Dragon

This coming Sunday, July 18, sees yet another reason for our favourite nation to celebrate good times. The great Nelson Mandela will notch up his 92nd birthday bringing together the people of South Africa for the annual celebration that is Nelson Mandela day. This day commemorates his life’s work, ensuring his legacy continues on long after he does. Also commemorating the day is the Ubuntu Festival – Ubuntu means generosity and runs from 16 – 18 July.

Nelson Mandela – also affectionately known as Madiba, is South Africa’s very own humanitarian icon and legend. One man from one nation has made such a huge difference. Mandela created the campaign 46664, which bears his Robben Island prisoner number. It calls for people to donate their free time for the greater good. We couldn’t agree more.

In support of the events South African and international celebrities, as well as ordinary people, will partake in a 5-day motorcycle tour doing charitable deeds from start to finish – from reading to kids to handing out blankets. Every deed makes a difference to someone and can bring a smile to their faces. The tour will begin in Johannesburg and end at Cape Town.