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Bhutan: The Last Shangri-La

If you’re looking for true paradise, then look no further. Focus your gaze upon Bhutan, the very last Shangri-­La.

What makes Bhutan the last Shangri-La is the fact that its culture has been untouched for centuries, which is largely due to the fact the kingdom didn’t open its doors to foreigners (or referred to by locals as ‘chilips’) until the 1960s.

The locals call their homeland ‘Druk-­Yu’, but we know it as ‘the land of the thunder dragon’, a paradise with a remarkable variety of climates and stunning landscapes. It also one of the most well preserved and vibrant cultures that you’ll stumble upon in this modern world – one which is extremely important to the locals.

An Eden in this world, a place of complete bliss, Bhutan is an exotic kingdom where past meets present – what more could you ask for?