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South Africa: Deep Impact

What would happen if a meteorite half the size of a football pitch was heading towards earth at a speed of 4,000 kilometres per hour? Impact, of course. And it would make one helluva crater in the earth. Not to worry though, this happened a very long time ago – some 200,000 years ago to be more precise.

Let us bring you the Tswaing Meteorite Crater. We recently interviewed our resident South Africa expert Paul, who recommended visiting this outer-worldly-wonder, some 40 kilometres north of the great Pretoria. Visited by only a few locals a year, its time to get in on it before the whole world finds out.

Tswaing is one of 170 impact craters in the world, and only one of four known in South Africa– not to mention one of the most accessible and one of the best-preserved – you can actually walk right into the centre of the crater. Talk about getting up-close and personal.