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South Africa: South African Dance

Let’s talk dance, and we’re not referring to the traditional dance that would typically be associated with the rainbow nation. We’re talking the more tutu and tights variety – ballet.

South Africa is actually the birthplace of the legacy that is Phyllis Spira, one of the seven prima ballerinas in the world – pretty impressive stuff. It doesn’t stop there either. South Africa is hugely passionate about the arts, and ballet is no exception. With a number of dance academies and theatres around, there’s something for both fans and those who want to jeté their way to the top...or at least try.

After a long day exploring the South African plains, what better way to end the day than by watching a simply captivating performance, such as the renowned story of Carmen, at the Joburg Theatre taking place during 13-29 August 2010. And, there’s plenty more where that came from.