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South Africa: Traditional Healing

Traditional healers in South Africa are not that of religion, or witchcraft – in fact, they don’t even relate themselves to the craft. Think cosmology. Linked more with the universe than that of ‘divine intervention’, traditional healers in South Africa develop a deep connection between the physical and spiritual worlds, acting as a medium between the two.

Let us introduce you to the Sangomas (traditional healers/pharmacists) and the Nyangas (traditional diviners). These men and women have answered their calling. Chosen by their ancestors, they undergo a rigorous personal journey and physical preparation along the way. With 80 percent of the South African population consulting a traditional healer in a time of need, there’s no need to call the doc.

So whether you need some of the ‘not-so-divine intervention’, or you just want to observe, you’re definitely in for a treat – you’re bound to hear some seriously intriguing stories along the way.