Samantha Buttigieg | Marketing Generalist Available for Hire

I am an award-winning, multi-skilled and highly competent marketing all-rounder, passionate about purpose-driven, people-first brands — a vital aspect of any modern brand to enhance and build fun, meaningful growth and engagement.

I thrive in collaborative and social working environments and can utilise my experience and ability to adapt to the needs of your business, stakeholders and audience.

Marketing is a profession that constantly changes, so to call yourself an expert feels misleading. The real skill in marketing is the knowledge and the ability to adapt to each project, opportunity and brand.

My experience leaps across multiple industries including film, pop culture, travel, food & beverage, hospitality, e-commerce, fashion, arts & culture, and architecture.

I am a crafter, a curator of fun things and I have brought this passion into my professional and personal life. 

See below for some images.

Samantha 😊