I currently summon my creative and copy skills in my role as Marketing & Sponsorship Executive at the Picturehouse Cinemas head office. One of my main duties is to manage the Picturehouse Website, updating and creating content — I love it!

Outside of work, I spend my time transporting myself through film and anime, getting lost in a good book, travelling the globe, and hunting for deliciously tempting cuisine. At present, I rely on these to help occupy and transport me during this global pandemic, whilst I also dream of all the places I can't travel to right now.


In my career, I know there are five industries that I will always find enjoyment working within because these are five areas that I find that reach out to my passionate side in this life; five industries I could literally sink my not-so-razor-sharp teeth into. Whilst some may think none are directly linked, each sector allows us to be transported in one way or another and offers endless discovery and enjoyment: Film. Food. Books. Travel. Money. (In no particular order).

Film tells a story through moving images, transporting the viewer; food transports a consumer through their taste buds; books transport the reader through words; and travel transports a traveller, literally. And money? Well, money helps your world go round or can help you enjoy every single one of these other four industries. When I talk money I mean getting the most out of every single penny earned, because every penny truly counts, regardless of who you are. So when I say money, I mean the process, experience and outcome as a result of spending that hard-earned cash, in opposed to the financial industry.

In order to successfully transport the consumer, the appreciator, the individual, a successful connection must be made; an outreach to those who want to be transported. This is where people like myself come in, not only are we consumers, we can be the connectors utilising skills acquired through time and experience to help connect the message and get the desired persons to the target destination. And right now, I am being the connector for myself to advise you that I am always open to copy-driven challenges.