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Brand Spotlight: Brewgooder

Brand:  Brewgooder
Brewgooder.com   #Brewgooder

Founded: 2016



The best bits:

  • Brewgooder make vegan-friendly beers.
  • There's a little bit of alchemy here. You buy their beer and they turn it into water. Let me explain: Brewgooder make craft beer to support Clean Water Projects. You buy and 100% of the profit goes go to charities to help provide a long-term water solution for communities.
  • You can read more about the Brewgooder mission here.
  • Brewgooder is a member of Social Enterprise UK. In order to be a member, your organisation must be commited to help to change the world for the better with strong social or environmental missions.
  • Brewgooder are certified B Corporation. They are using business as a force for good in order to help drive change to build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.
  • Brewgooder's Beer Club is a beer subscription service helping makes waves against water poverty. Beer-lovers can get regular deliveries of their favourite Brewgooder beers, at a frequency of their choice.
  • If subscriptions aren't your thing you can buy delicious treats, digital gift cards and merchandise from their online shop.
  • Their beers are stocked in retail stores, bars & pubs nationwide. You can find your local stockists here.
  • They're passionate about joining forces with like-minded brands on projects that do good. Very recently Brewgooder collaborated with Pact Coffee to create IMPACT. This new Coffee & Vanilla Stout is their first ever stout and is super-small run for the first release of this beer — they're still in stock to buy here. Read more about this brilliant collaboration on the Brewgooder Blog
  • Read The Brewgooder Foundation's 2018 Annual Report here



My thoughts:

I don't drink beer, however, I do appreciate its fascinating production process. Something which is thousands of years old is having something of a revolution, with people and hops-tastic brands caring about the taste, nutritional value, and the brand image. People care, so brands deliver. Like wine, People care about what they pair their beers with to create an even better beer experience, helping to enhance and evolve the flavour experience.

I have had a small amount of experience with beer, I have even poured a fair few pints in the past and have learnt the importance of drinking beer from a chalice glass for the best beer drinking experience.

Brewgooder is a fun brand that cares not only about the process, but the brand and messaging that reaches its customer. With 100% of profits going to Clean Water Projects, not only are they providing water to communities, they are providing long-term solutions to help communities help themselves.

The website is clean and very nice to look at, the brand identity is very attractive and easy to identify and on-point, just look at the beer packaging! The name itself is very effective —I like the play on 'do good' to 'Brew good[er]' because the brand does just that.

Beer is one of the most consumed drinks globally and water is something everyone needs to survive. So by targeting beer lovers, they can work towards providing water to communities —It's brilliant really!

If you're looking for a gift for that special beer-lover in your life, the Brewgooder Shop will have some great choices for you with free UK delivery for orders over £40.

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