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Brand Spotlight: OLIO

Brand:  OLIO
OLIOex.com   #FoodWaste

Founded: 2016



The numbers:

  • 6,596,143 portions of food shared  |  985,002,387 litres of water saved  |  2,347,202 users  |  Used in over 50 countries.
  • Between 33-50% of all food produced globally is never eaten, and the value of this wasted food is worth over $1 trillion, which translates to over £765 billion.
  • In the UK the average family throws away 22% of their weekly shop, which is worth £730 per year.


The best bits:

  • The #1 free sharing app. Share more, waste less with OLIO.
  • It is a part of Social Enterprise UK, which is for businesses that help to change the world for the better with strong social or environmental missions.
  • OLIO helps unlock the value of food by offering us the means to connect with others. You can rescue unwanted food and other household items from your neighbours that would otherwise end up in the bin, helping to reduce waste. Or you can offer your unwanted food and items for others to rescue.
  • It's easy! Take a photo and share details of what you no longer need, someone will make a request and then collect. 
  • Half of all items are requested in under 1 hour.
  • Something you no longer need or extra food that doesn't get eaten could mean so much to someone else, whether that be because they miss those delicious home-cooked meals, they have a passion for living sustainably or they find it hard making ends meet.
  • Businesses can get involved too!
  • They've just launched OLIO MADE which allows the OLIO community to sell their sustainable handmade crafts and delicious homemade food. Or as OLIO put it, it is like a food & crafts market at your fingertips.
  • There are a number of ways to get involved to help make the world a little bit less wasteful. Over 50,000 people have already reached out to ask how they can volunteer to build a food sharing network in their local community. Check out their Volunteer Hub on ways to get involved.
  • Fight waste. Help your neighbours. Save our planet. Feel amazing!


My thoughts: 

I found out about OLIO a couple of years ago, but haven't taken advantage of it; I installed it on my phone and then forgot all about it. However, I want to stop being so wasteful so I most definitely see myself getting involved over the coming months. I admit I can be rather wasteful, and businesses such as supermarkets—with seemingly endless amounts of multi-packed items—don't make it easy for us when we aren't buying for an army. But with the help of OLIO that can change. And, why wouldn't you want to? It is free and easy to participate.

OLIO has grown substantially in its 4 years. It gives us the means to submit items and food to be rescued by others, which in turn, helps us to stop it becoming waste — after all, one person's junk is another person's treasure. I love the concept and what it can do for both people and the environment. We only have one earth, one planet we call home. We need to be more mindful about what we do and that any surplus food can be redistributed to those who will give it a happy home (their tummies!), rather than it ending up in the bin, which will help us tackle such a global problem.

In the current climate, when a lot more people are going through difficulties, apps like these can help get food to where it needs to be. People can claim food, help to redistribute food, and businesses can work towards becoming a zero food waste business. OLIO has found a solution to a common problem and helps us fight towards tackling it. OLIO, I salute you!


Available on iOS, Android, and web.

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