Brand Spotlight 2.0

Throughout my life, I've been passionate about advocating for those brilliant brands and special finds, especially those that I get a 'gut feeling' about.

I would usually use word of mouth to spread the word, and in the past, it has most certainly worked — I've helped get more people engaging through a visit, a purchase or a simple enquiry. I would do this via word of mouth, a social post, or a review, so that I could brag about how much I love what it is they do.

During the pandemic I kicked this off by creating a page to share the latest brands, this that you see here is the second evolution of this brand showcase. It will take time to build up as I reestablish myself in my new home of Melbourne.

Helping to establish some excitement and engagement for the things we love can ensure some longevity, otherwise, they may end up shutting shop due to the state of the world today.

I have tried and tested many of these brands myself, hence my recommendation, whilst others I may simply admire what it is they offer to us (the consumer) or their killer marketing strategy (shout out to you SURREAL!).


Disclaimer: Some links on this page may be affiliate links, so if you engage or buy something I may earn a commission.