Bring Kew Gardens into your home

Bring Kew Gardens into your home with the Kew Gardens Beauty Range. One of the things I love to do regardless of the season is to visit Kew Gardens, the Royal Botanical Gardens with their incredible collection of living plants. With acres of green space, thousands of intriguing and wonderful plants and plenty of secret corners to get lost in, this makes up the largest and most diverse collection in the world right on our doorstep. A few weeks ago, we spoke about the benefits of having plants i

15% off all Memberships and renewals

Sweeten the deal with a Picturehouse Membership. You'll get the same great perks, including paying less for food and drink at an even better price. Buy or renew your membership today you will save 15% on the Membership price. Plus, renewing Members will get an additional free ticket for a limited time only. • None You'll get 4 free tickets for standard Membership, 8 for Member Plus and 2 for Student Members. Plus, renewing Members will get an additional free ticket on top! • None Members quality

Paradise and a Pandemic in the Philippines | Pink Pangea

I witnessed the start of the COVID-19 pandemic whilst in the island paradise of the Philippines, where I spent a month with my sister. The anchor was a wedding, my sister a bridesmaid. It was a month we will never forget, but not for the reasons we would have imagined. We were due to fly to the capital, Manila, arriving on Sunday 19 January and returning to the UK on Sunday 16 February. Just under a week before our departure, the Taal volcano erupted for the first time in 43 years. Our initial

Proxima and Babyteeth coming to cinemas this summer | News

As we get ready to open the doors of our beloved cinemas, we wanted to take a moment to look at the upcoming films from our distribution arm, Picturehouse Entertainment. With two fantastic titles up their sleeve due to be released over the Summer, let us give you a sneak peek on what's to come. Anna Winocour's Proxima stars Eva Green, who gives a career-best performance in this epic and emotionally charged film as astronaut and mother, Sarah. Sarah has been chosen to be a part of a year-long

Celebration of Sundance Film Festival: London | Announcement

This year Sundance Film Festival was not able to grace Picturehouse Central with its usual film fabulousness for what would have been its fifth year due to the Covid-19 pandemic. We are excited to announce that while you couldn't go to Sundance, we have collaborated once again with the Sundance Institute to bring Sundance to you — along with some of the best of the 2020 Sundance Film Festival, which took place in Park City, Utah, U.S.A — and UK audiences digitally. The digital Celebration of S